A Value at Risk (VAR) Survey a professionally compiled report that provides a detailed overview covering buildings, machinery, fixtures and fittings, computer equipment, stock and business interruption cover.

To find an approximate value for the minimum reinstatement value of your home in the event of a major loss, try our Value at Risk Calculator.

What does it do?

A VAR Survey allows you to review the adequacy of your insurance cover and adjust accordingly to ensure that full cover is provided for thus avoiding under-insurance.

Once you report a claim to your insurance company, they will carry out a detailed examination of the claim and examine your insurance policy to ensure that you have cover for the loss incurred. If you are not adequately insured, then you will face a shortfall in the claim settlement which could have a disastrous impact on your business.

Step 1

The Value at Risk components are identified by us.

Components: Buildings, Machinery, Business Interruption, Fixtures & Fittings, High Value Items, Computer Hardware, Stock etc.

Step 2

In consultation with Broker/Insurer, we will compile a detailed Value at Risk Survey for you.

Step 3

We will advise you on the adequacy of your current policy cover.

Step 4

Using the Value at Risk Survey, you can review your policy cover with your Broker/Insurer.

Step 5

You are secure in the knowledge that the Value at Risk to your business is identified.

Will it work for my business?

Yes it will. 100%. You will have the true value of your business which empowers you to leverage it’s full value and most importantly, to be fully prepared in the event of a major loss.

We will survey and report with all calculations, specifications and basis of arriving at a figure, following the policy schedule headings. The report and figures will be clear and concise and easy to follow. At next renewal, the report and its figures may be easily updated for the next 12 months insurance cover.

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