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Storm damage ranges from a few slates dislodged to whole buildings being up-rooted & blown away.

High winds, hail, snow, tidal surges, tornados and other weather phenomenon are associated with storms.

Most policies cover storm damage (unless you live in a hurricane belt). Our response to a storm claim will depend on the extent of the damage. This is usually very evident.

Insurers are not interested in minor damage that occurred during a force 1 or 2 ‘breeze’. The proof of the claim involves weather evidence showing winds in excess of 90-100kph.

Clearys Loss Assessors have dealt with all types of storm damage claims. We can help you compile, submit and negotiate your claim to a satisfactory settlement. Our aim is to minimise your stress, time lines and maximise your entitlement under your policy


In the event of Storm Damage:

  • Get your family to safety, arrange for safe clean alternative accommodation if neccessary.
  • Start with a visual inspection of your home, including your roof, windows and siding.
  • Do not re-enter structurally damaged buildings until advised that it safe to do so
  • Preserve the scene. Do not touch anything.
  • Photograph any evidence carefully.
  • Do not carry out any repairs without instruction, you may prejudice the scene.
  • Contact Clearys Loss Assessors to get professional advice before you claim.

Contact us for help.

Case Study:

In this instance, during a storm, high winds brought down a large sycamore tree which fell onto the roof of a private dwelling house and on a mobile home at the rear of the house, causing significant damage both externally & internally to both the house and the mobile home. Damage to the house included broken tiles, joists felt and guttering which caused a substantial amount of water ingress to the top floor of the property. The tree was removed by specialist Landscapers.

In this instance, on 16th October 2018, during Storm Ophelia, high winds brought down a large tree which caused extensive damage to a private dwelling house. The substantial damage caused to the roof in turn caused damage to the internal fabric of the property.
The scope of works involved replacement of damaged timber work on the roof, roof tiles, chimney and guttering. It also involved the replacement of damaged internal surfaces, damaged contents and complete redecoration of the cottage type property.
Clearys liaised with clients to engage a specialist tree surgeon to safely remove the tree from the property which also posed extreme danger from damaged ESB wires. Clearys also assisted the clients with arranging alternative accommodation and once liability was agreed with Insurers a stage payment was arranged to cover their initial costs. The claim was successfully negotiated by one of our experienced Public Loss Assessors to the satisfaction of all parties.