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An escape of oil at your property can be a complex issue, and it’s essential that you get the right advice and ensure all damage is treated properly.

An Escape of oil can result in contamination resulting in noxious smells in the house which may pose a significant health and safety risk for occupants of the property. If you notice any symptoms of an oil spill at your property you need to act fast. Contamination can spread quickly to neighbouring properties and lands.

Investigations will be required from specialist remediation experts, who will carry out a site survey and soil sampling from the surrounding area to check for soil contamination. Soil testing is an important part of the tank testing process and assists in determining the potential cost for soil remediation.

Clearys Loss Assessors have dealt with all types of oil claims. We can help you compile, submit and negotiate your claim to a satisfactory settlement. Our aim is to minimise your stress, time lines and maximise your entitlement under your policy.


In the event of ESCAPE OF OIL:

  • The importance of speed of response is a key to solving an oil leak quicky.
  • Try to find out where the leak is coming from.
  • Switch off your oil supply at the tank and arrange to have it emptied (if needed).
  • Arrange for an engineer to repair or replace your tank or pipework (if needed).
  • Call your Plumber and repair any visible leak.
  • Never use a detergent or hose to wash the spill away.
  • Prevent the spill from entering drains by blocking its flow using earth, sand or commercial products that absorb oil.
  • Keep your home well-ventilated by opening windows and doors.
  • Contact Clearys Loss Assessors to get professional advice before you claim.
  • Loss Assessor will arrange for a Specialist Oil Remediation company to carry out soil contamination testing on your behalf

Contact us for help.

Case Study:

The householder contacted us regarding a significant spill of oil which occurred after they received delivery of 1000L of kerosene oil. Approximately 200L of oil flowed under the house. Strong odours were noticed within the house during the next few days.

Our Loss Assessor attended the site immediately and documented all evidence including a full property survey and photographic survey. During next 2 days a remediation company was requested on our behalf to carry out a site investigation of oil contamination at the client’s property. The impact was confirmed and a remediation programme was proposed by the company.

Our client’s insurers were notified and attended site immediately.

The claim along with all specialist reports were submitted to the Loss Adjuster and successfully negotiated in the amount of € 65,000.00.

Clearys handled the claim from initial contact to settlement of the claim. This included:
  • Reporting the claim to Insurers;
  • Helping the occupants to source alternative accommodation;
  • Requesting the remediation company for a site investigation;
  • Several meetings with the appointed Loss Adjuster;
  • Various meetings, correspondence with forensic cleaning service and remediation company;
  • Liaising with Insurers to arrange an interim payment of €5,000.00;
  • Monitoring of the remediation works;
  • Introducing other parties: builders, plumbers, engineers, project managers, cleaners, decorators.
  • Preparation and submitting claim figures to the Loss Adjuster;
  • Releasing of retention payment.
As a result we helped the client to minimise stress and speed up the entire process, which ultimately took 7 months from the time of the initial contact to the end of all remediation works and releasing of the retention payment.
The works included stripping out part of the affected property, excavating subfloor, venting and remediating the contamination. Once the site is certified as clean including the building and its substructure and the ground and the air in the house, the site can then be reinstated and the owners move back in.