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Burst pipes are one of the most common types of insurance claims in the home or business.

Pipes burst for many reasons but the main reason in winter is due to freezing temperatures. The water in the pipe expands when frozen leading the pipe to split/burst.

Apart from the obvious water damage – water can seep along joists, down inside walls, under floorboards, into electrical sockets and can be more difficult to see.

Clearys Loss Assessors have dealt with all types of burst pipe claims. We can help you compile, submit and negotiate your claim to a satisfactory settlement. Our aim is to minimise your stress,time lines and maximise Your entitlement under your policy.


In the event of a Burst Pipe:

  • Turn off the water supply immediately.
  • Turn off water dependent appliances including your boiler.
  • If the water leak is from the attic/above ceiling level, turn off the water supply and turn on all hot taps to drain remaining water out of attic tanks as quickly as possible.
  • If appliances are affected, turn off the power at the main board if safe to do so.
  • Photograph any evidence.
  • Contact Clearys Loss Assessors to get professional advice before you claim.
  • Engage a professional immediately to stem any flow and make repairs to prevent further damage

In the event of a Leak:

  • Retain all damaged material as it may be crucial to establishing the nature of loss, assessing damage and validating your claim.
  • Contact Clearys Loss Assessors to get professional advice before you claim.
  • Ventilate, gently heat and dehumidify the property.
  • Do not re-engage utilities until they have been checked by a competent and qualified professional.

Contact us for help.

Case Study:

A householder contacted us regarding major water damage in his property.

The burst pipe had caused significant water damage to many of the ceilings in the first and ground floor of the property, as well as timber floor and carpets in the kitchen, living room and some of the bedrooms.

Our Loss Assessor attended the site immediately and documented all evidence including a full property survey and photographic survey.

Clearys handled the claim from initial contact to settlement of the claim. This included:
  • Reporting the claim to Insurers;
  • Helping the occupants to source alternative accommodation;
  • Various meetings with the Insurers appointed Loss Adjuster;
  • Arranging specialists such as a building surveyor and plumber;
  • Monitoring of the repair works;
  • Introducing other parties: builders, cleaners, decorators;
  • Preparation and submitting claim figures along with all specialist reports to the Loss Adjuster;
  • Negotiating a settlement;
  • Helping client with retention process.

The Loss Adjuster offered €20,000 in final and full settlement, but this was far lower than the real value due to the complex nature of the claim and the large amount of damage done.

Eventually, Clearys negotiated a final settlement under the terms of client's insurance policy of €32,000.00, which illustrates the difference Clearys Loss Assessors can make.