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All properties are at risk of burglary or theft, no matter how good the location and neighbourhood. It is a potential hazard for any property owner but if it occurs, it is thankfully relatively simple to deal with and resolve. Burglary is often committed by someone local to your area, who saw you left a window open, and knows it takes 15-20 minutes for you to take your children to school and get home again. This is all it takes for the thief to get in take cash, jewellery, phones and electronic goods.

If you are out for the evening you can lose bigger goods too, sometimes your home will be vandalised in the processed as well.
Typically, burglars are looking for one specific item more than others. If they’re looking to steal fine art or jewelry, a larger home of considerable value is a prime target.
Sometimes, the easiest way for a burglar to strike a certain home is to just know when the occupants will be away for a certain period of time. Holiday weekends are especially fraught with burglaries due to this sad fact.
Burglary to your property is extremely stressful and worrying for many reasons such as damage to your property, loss of your possessions, especially things of sentimental value, and also awful feeling that someone uninvited had been through your private things. This stressful feeling can be sometimes being harder to deal with than any damage or loss of expensive goods.

Clearys Loss Assessors have dealt with all types of burglary claims. We can help you compile, submit and negotiate your claim to a satisfactory settlement. Our aim is to minimise your stress, time lines and maximise your entitlement under your policy.


In the event of Burglary:

  • Ensure that the property is safe to enter, inform your family members or others who will need to be aware of the situation.
  • Call the Garda and report about burglary or theft.
  • Preserve the scene. Do not touch anything before the Garda comes.
  • Take photographs of the scene/evidence of burglary.
  • If you have CCTV in operation on the premises, have it ready for the Garda.
  • Seek medical advice if you are in stress.
  • Contact Clearys Loss Assessors to get professional advice before you claim.
  • If the security of the property has been breached, arrange reasonable emergency repairs to prevent further loss.
  • Record all details of emergency repair works
  • Do not clean until you have Insurer approval as they may wish to inspect.
  • Make a list of everything that was stolen.

Contact us for help.

Case Study

The homeowners were at work when their home was broken into. Entry was gained by forcing the utility door and window. Substantial damage was caused to the building finishes in this area as a result. The house was fitted with a working Intruder Alarm and CCTV. Both were also severely damaged in the raid.

A number of contents were stolen and included Jewellery, handbags, golf equipment and computer equipment. Clearys visited the property once notified by the clients and reported the Burglary to Insurers. Clearys then met with the appointed Loss Adjuster and following agreement with them on the Scope of Works, prepared a Schedule of Works and Contents and submitted the full claim with supporting documentation. Following intense negotiations with Insurers, settlement was reached that covered all losses suffered by our client.