When you suffer a loss, your immediate concern is to limit the damage to your business and get back to full trading as quickly as possible.

There are important strategic decisions to be made. As this event will probably be your first experience of this type of problem, you may not have the expertise on hand to make those crucial decisions. As the market leader in this area we have the experience, resources and ability to help you manage these difficulties successfully.

Grp 1 Grp 2 Grp 3
Client Bank Engineers
Clearys Solicitors I.T. Specialists
Insurer Accountants Machinery Suppliers
Parent Company Salvage Specialists
Customers & Suppliers Building Contractors
Forensic Investigators Architects
Quantity Surveyors

Group 1 is the most important in the hierarchy of communication following a serious loss. The preparation of information and the efficient issue of funds by insurers may be the most critical problem initially.

Group 2 encompasses all the parties who will assist the insured with information and claim preparation. Access to the site, access to correct information, access to people concerned with the operations of the company, the management of the site and the scene of the fire will all be critical and dealt with immediately by the Insurers and Loss Adjuster's teams. The insured party needs to have an equally prepared and able team to move into the disaster scene in order to manage and record the flow of information at the earliest stages of the claim.

Group 3 contains the critical parties involved in the reinstatement programmes in the areas of Property, Machinery, Stock, I.T. and Hardware etc. The design team will have a great input here and the company's finance department will need to be prepared for the project. All of this preparation will require co-ordination in the context of the insurance claim and the company's main needs and objectives.

How do we do this?

We will create a structure dedicated to bringing the resources together which are most suitable for the given circumstances of the client and the loss. Our team will be structured to meet the needs of the client with a view to bringing the claim details to a position ready for presentation to insurers and, most importantly, to a position where substantiation and settlement may be achieved as quickly as possible.

You have a real chance of getting a higher claim settlement if you appoint us to negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company appointed loss adjuster.

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