Protect your home this winter

The winter months are a peak time for burglaries in Ireland. With this crime on the rise we have put the following tips and advice together so that you can do all in your power to avoid this menace.

Outside the Home:

Potential intruders will look for signs of carelessness around your property that identify you as an easy target. It does not take a lot of effort to make your home appear less appealing.

  • Never leave shed doors or gates open, keep them closed and locked.
  • Keep all valuables such as bikes and tools locked away, out of sight.
  • Never, ever, leave keys outside under a mat or a plant pot. If you have to leave them for someone, ask a neighbor.
  • Never leave ladders or bins (these can be climbed too) outside or unsecured. Continue reading Protect your home this winter

10th Eircom PhoneWatch Published

Eircom PhoneWatch have recently published their 10th annual Burglary Report revealing an 8.5% increase on last year’s figures. Over the ten years that they have been carrying out their surveys over €700m worth of goods have been stolen from Irish homes.

Speaking at the launch of the report Eoin Dunne, Chief Executive of Eircom PhoneWatch commented “Over the ten years that we have reported on burglary in Ireland, one insight remains constant – burglary regardless of boom or bust is a crime phenomenon, which is simply not going away. The figures consistently demonstrate that the vast majority of burglaries take place while the home is occupied, thus increasing the risk of confrontation and personal danger, so it is of particular importance that people become more security aware while they are in the home. This year’s findings also indicate that burglars are more audacious than ever. As the winter months approach, which over the past ten years has been the busiest for burglars home owners need to be aware that there are simple measures that can be introduced today to make their home more secure”. Continue reading 10th Eircom PhoneWatch Published

The Bankers Interest

Over the years we have dealt with a very large number of household claims. When dealing with large settlements we have discovered surprisingly, time and time again, that the insured will not be aware of the banks interest on their property. If there is a mortgage on your home your bank will have an interest in your property and your insurer is obliged to make your settlement cheque payable to you and your bank if they are aware of that interest. This is where problems arise following a claim.

The bank may be slow to pass the funds on to you – whether you are behind in your payments or not. Due to the confidential nature of our business we cannot talk about specific cases but we have put together the following scenario which is based on cases that we have dealt with;

Continue reading The Bankers Interest

Earthquakes! In Ireland?!

You may or may not be aware of them, but from time to time earthquakes occur in Ireland. Their frequency is rare and their impact is minimal but did you know that almost all insurance policies cover them?

On Tuesday and Wednesday the 26th and 27th of January this year Donegal was hit by two minor quakes measuring 1.5 and 1.7 respectively on the Richter scale.  This brought the number of quakes in Donegal in January to 3! Quakes in Ireland are nothing new, in 1984, an earthquake hit Dublin which measured 5.5 on the Richter scale. This is the largest ever recorded in Ireland. The aftershocks from this quake measured up to 4 on the Richter scale. Continue reading Earthquakes! In Ireland?!

Flood victims may be jilted by insurers Sunday Independent November 29 2009

Biblical floods may have destroyed the contents of your home — will insurers now try to pull a fast one, asks Louise McBride

THE devastation that swept the country over the last few weeks as floods wreaked havoc with homes and businesses could be only just beginning. Continue reading Flood victims may be jilted by insurers Sunday Independent November 29 2009

The Devil is in the Detail

Picture1 Material Facts and the Law of Average

We all assume that when something goes wrong, our insurance company is there to help us out  and foot the bill. This is the wrong assumption to make as an increasingly hig number of risks  are either underinsured, insured incorrectly or are not insured at all.

Insurance companies, like any other business, are there to maximise profits, it is their duty to  their shareholders to do so. In the event of a claim, insurance companies try to minimise the  amount that they pay out through the strict enforcement of policy terms and conditions. Insurers use little known devices such as the ‘rule of average’. Continue reading The Devil is in the Detail

Assessors and Adjusters

What happens when you make a claim

stress Once you submit a claim to your insurance company the first thing they will do is appoint one  of their professional loss adjusters to use their experience and expertise to minimise the  amount of money that they have to pay out. It is important to emphasise that the appointed  loss adjuster acts solely on behalf of the insurance company and is paid by them.

When the loss assessor visits your property to inspect the damage he or she will discuss the  nature and extent of the claim with you and prepare a detailed and confidential report for the  insurance company that is not available to you, the policy holder. Continue reading Assessors and Adjusters