10th Eircom PhoneWatch Published

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Eircom PhoneWatch have recently published their 10th annual Burglary Report revealing an 8.5% increase on last year’s figures. Over the ten years that they have been carrying out their surveys over €700m worth of goods have been stolen from Irish homes.

Speaking at the launch of the report Eoin Dunne, Chief Executive of Eircom PhoneWatch commented “Over the ten years that we have reported on burglary in Ireland, one insight remains constant – burglary regardless of boom or bust is a crime phenomenon, which is simply not going away. The figures consistently demonstrate that the vast majority of burglaries take place while the home is occupied, thus increasing the risk of confrontation and personal danger, so it is of particular importance that people become more security aware while they are in the home. This year’s findings also indicate that burglars are more audacious than ever. As the winter months approach, which over the past ten years has been the busiest for burglars home owners need to be aware that there are simple measures that can be introduced today to make their home more secure”.

The report found that Dublin continues to top the table with an increase of 30% on last year, however, the number of burglaries outside of Dublin have fallen by 1.5% on the whole.

The report also found that burglars are getting bolder with the most common method of entry being through the front door (28% of all burglaries). It is also worrying to note that the majority of burglaries take place while people are at home, a massive 85%. The most likely time to be a victim of burglary is between the hours of 12pm and 4pm (31%).

Other key findings from the eircom PhoneWatch Burglary Report include:

  • For eight of the past ten years semi-detached homes represent the most targeted type of dwelling (32.5%). In 2007 and 2009 detached homes were the most targeted.
  • Friday, which accounts for 16.5% of all burglaries in 2010 is the most targeted day of week. In the past ten years, Friday has been the most targeted day five times.
  • Up to this year, the rear of the house (rear window and door) was the most common method of entry.
  • For the fourth year in a row, three bedroom homes remain the most targeted (45.5%).

If you ever find yourself a victim of this crime try not to touch anything and call the Gardai, then, call Clearys on 1850 28 1850.

Next Week: How to protect your property from burglary.