Insurance Policy Health Check

A few years ago if you wanted to build an extension to your house you could have gone to your Bank and relatively easily organised a loan to do the work. Today this would be very difficult or impossible.

The same issues arise if you have a burst pipe in the house or a fire in the kitchen or storm damage destroys your roof. In today’s market we are all relying on the Insurance Policy that we have bought to pay for these repairs especially now that other sources of funds are no longer available to us.

After a disaster has happened is no time to discover that your Insurance Policy is not going to pay for a particular event. Why would your insurance company not pay for damages to your house?

Here are some reasons:

  • Maybe you have a fire only policy
  • Maybe you didn’t tell the insurance company of a previous claim
  • Maybe you told the insurance company that your house has a monitored alarm system and it wasn’t working when the burglary happened
  • Maybe the house was vacant when the damage occurred
  • Maybe you have a very high excess on your policy
  • Maybe you are a tenant and the policy is in the landlord’s name
  • Maybe the policy excludes cover for Burst Pipes or Fire Damage or Storm Damage or whatever

The list goes on and on.

Have a read of your policy- If you think you need a Policy Health Check, we can do this for you. Leave your Comments, questions and suggestions.