Holiday Season- Secure your Home

Summertime is here again and you might be planning a break away from our Irish weather. Protecting your home is essential this summer, particularly if you are going away.

To begin, statistics show that:

  • July is the most likely month of the year to get burgled.
  • 28% of Burglars gain entry through the front door.
  • 31% of Burglaries occur between the hours of 12pm and 4pm

Here are a few helpful tips to help you do what you can to protect your house against Burglary:

  1. The first line of defence you have against burglary, is the exterior of your house. Keep your gates locked.
  2. Make sure your shed, tools, bikes, expensive tools are securely locked.
  3. Keep bins and ladders secured away from windows, as these make gaining entry on upper levels of your home much easier.
  4. Erect sensor lights around the outside of your house, this will deter burglars.
  5. Make sure all your windows, doors and cat flaps, any method of entry into your house are securely locked before you go. Carelessness is an invitation to any opportunist burglar.
  6. Keep valuables out of sight of windows, and where possible keep curtains/blinds drawn.
  7. Have your burglar alarm tested and make sure its working correctly.
  8. Its a good idea to invest in timers for lights, it gives the impression there is someone around.
  9. Get a trustworthy neighbour to keep a look in at your house, to make sure nothing unusual is going on.
  10. Check your insurance policy; make sure you are adequately covered against Burglary.

The result:

A break away, where you can rest assured your house is not an attractive holiday destination for Burglars. Leave your comments with questions, and other security suggestions.