Your Personal Journey through A Major Insurance Claim

1. Shock – for you and your family, both physically and financially. It is not nice to read, but this is a definite consequence of a fire, flood, burglary or any other unforeseen misfortune. Shock can result in the need for medical assistance for the more vulnerable and the young.

2. Uncertainty – No one will tell you what will happen next. You would expect to be surrounded by accurate information at this vulnerable time but this is very hard to get. Don’t be surprised if the people working for your Insurance Company are evasive, slow to respond, elusive and unable to be definitive. You are not their concern. The Insurance Company is. A decision or acceptance to liability may take months!

3. Frustration – Gardai may carry out an investigation e.g. Scene of Crime or Forensic Investigation. This can be a slow process, with lack of follow up and often no result or satisfactory conclusion. You the owner may be the last person to receive any information.

4. Pressure – Numerous Loss Assessors will contact you. Recession is business – the market is full of us and some feel the ambulance chasing method is the only way.

5. Fatigue – Your Insurance Company will attend site, interview you and carry out a detailed inspection as well as interview your spouse and/or family and neighbours. They may involve Forensic Investigators and may get 2nd opinions. Your whole personal life, work life, claims history and financial position may be investigated even by private investigators and needless to say this is a slow process and causes often, more delay.

6. Worry – They will not accept liability immediately. There will be cross checks, further investigations, review of policy disclosures and checks on your history. Discussions with investigating Gardai will be necessary.

7. Doubt – questions and queries may arise, adding to the stress and delay in progressing the claim and repairs.

8. Disappointment -Things will progress very quickly initially then slow to a snails place. Once the Insurance Company agrees to accept liability they may still wish to control the re-instatement of you property. They may introduce their “panel of builders” to quote for the work of repairing the property.

9. Adjustment – You will have to take responsibility for organizing your “new life” – Alternative Accommodation, Builders, Designers, Bankers, Loss Assessors, Loss Adjusters, Forensics Investigators and Private Investigators may well become part of your new life.

10. Knowledge – The limitations of your Insurance Policy will become apparent – stress, trauma, fatigue, fees, wear & tear, policy limits & policy excess, warranties and endorsements. You will come to understand more about your insurance cover than you did previously and especially what it does not cover.