Top Tips for Flood Damage

Disconnect any external or internal power at ground level

Do not dispose of any debris until your insurers have seen damage

Remove soft furnishings and floor coverings to dry store

Clear all drainage routes around the property and expose further drainage routes if possible

Secure your premises if it is flooded, there is nothing you can do!

Prepare for a long slow drying process

Consider yourself & your family, this may cause stress and shock for young and old alike

Don’t forget your pets

Start repairing only when you are happy that the building is fully dry, this could take 3-4 weeks.

Temporary accommodation is insured by your policy, you should use it while this is happening

Temporary storage facilities are useful now

Don’t forget the hygiene issues in flooded properties

Dry rot should be treated as part of the drying out process

Keep a close eye on the building during drying out process for cracking or movement

Notify your insurers and be patient

Use a Loss Assessor!!