Assessors and Adjusters

What happens when you make a claim

stress Once you submit a claim to your insurance company the first thing they will do is appoint one  of their professional loss adjusters to use their experience and expertise to minimise the  amount of money that they have to pay out. It is important to emphasise that the appointed  loss adjuster acts solely on behalf of the insurance company and is paid by them.

When the loss assessor visits your property to inspect the damage he or she will discuss the  nature and extent of the claim with you and prepare a detailed and confidential report for the  insurance company that is not available to you, the policy holder.

Neither the insurance company nor the loss adjuster appointed by the insurance company will prepare or help you to prepare your claim. Under the terms set out in your policy it is up to you to work out the full extent of your loss and submit a properly documented claim to your insurers. You must do this at your own expense.

We are a firm of professional loss assessor, and always recommend that you should consult with a firm such as us before you claim on your insurance policy. Why? Well apart from what you may be thinking consider the following;

  1. We save you money: In the vast majority of cases you can recover more by using a Public Loss Assessor than you can by dealing directly with your insurer or the appointed loss adjuster. We do our utmost, within the scope of your policy to maximise the amount of settlement for you. Also we work on your behalf and are not paid by the insurance company.
  2. We save you time, stress and worry as we compile your claim and negotiate settlement with the insurance company on your behalf. We have been doing this for a quarter of a century and you get the benefit of that experience and expertise.
  3. We professionally assess the full extent of your financial loss prior to your insurance company adjusting it. There is a major difference as we assess the claim on YOUR behalf while a loss adjuster adjusts the claim on the insurance company’s behalf.
  4. Your insurer and their loss adjuster will have a wide range of professional resources at their disposal including engineers, solicitors, quantity surveyors, IT experts, accountants and so on. You or your insurance broker cannot be expected to match these resources, but we can and do.

It is important to remember that every insurance claim is valid for assessment by a loss assessor, appointing one to work on your behalf will allow you to maximise your claim under the terms of your policy, in other words, to get the full amount that you are legally entitled to.